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Let me take you by the hand to a future where you live your purpose, free from anxiety and full of joy

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You don't have to go through this journey alone.

This program will provide you with quick and easy tools to help you on your journey towards a more purposeful life. You will learn how to identify the root cause of your anxiety and how to take action to reduce it. You will also discover how to tap into your natural tendencies and use them to your advantage.

The first steps to freedom is to control your mind

With our program, you can learn how to manage your worries and take control of your life. Sign up now and start feeling empowered and in control of your own destiny.

Stop Feeling lost and directionless

We will use tools to connect you to your goals and purpose in life. Learn to leave the overwhelm and confusion behind and move forward.

Learn How to control your anxiety

We'll provide you with quick and easy tools to start experiencing relief from anxiety and stress right away

Develop self-management skills

We will give you a comprehensive guide to understanding and working with your natural tendencies

Why should you join?

Get Personalized 1 on 1 coaching

We will have 5 50 minute 1 on 1 sessions via Zoom where you will discover the techniques to get to know yourself and you can ask all the questions you want.

Take ownership of your life

You will have more control over the choices and decisions that shape your circumstances and experiences. This means that you are able to take proactive steps to create the life that you want, rather than simply reacting to the events and circumstances that come your way.

Increased motivation and focus

By having a clear purpose, you are more likely to feel motivated and focused on your goals and tasks. This can help you feel a greater sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in your life.

  • So... Here's Everything You Get:

    • Learn and Collaborate in Group Sessions

    • We will have 5 1-hour group sessions via Zoom where you will discover the techniques to get to know yourself and you can ask all the questions you want

    • Clear your emotional blocks and triggers 1 on 1

    • 5 rREST Sessions on Zoom so you can say goodbye to emotional barriers

    • Premium Toolkit

    • Download our toolkit so you can make the most efficient use of all the knowledge and learning to become the best version of you

    Customize the weekly time and start date to fit your schedule

    Normal Price: $2,500.00

    One time Offer: $1,555

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  • Bonus #1

    Practical Human design guide to apply to your life

    Total Value: $87

    Use the power of human design to understand yourself and make decisions that are aligned with your true nature.

  • Have greater self-awareness and understanding of your own strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies

  • Feel empowered to trust your own inner guidance and make choices that are authentic and true to you.

  • Find clarity and direction in life as you discover your purpose

  • Get free access with your purchase now!

    What others are saying...

    "From the start, Tink's warmth and playfulness put me at ease, allowing me to open up and progress. Her guidance, strength, and ability to find joy in tough moments make her an exceptional healer. Grateful for her support."


    San Rafael, CA

    "I strongly recommend Tink, a thoughtful and intuitive healer. Her skills in muscle testing, Reiki, Healing Touch, and REST guided me to uncover and shift unhelpful beliefs. Her compassionate intuition has helped me transition to a new state of being. Thank you, Tink!"


    Madison, WI

    "Through Tink and the rREST program, I regained control over my life. After just a few sessions, I experienced better sleep, improved blood pressure, increased energy, and a sense of peace. Grateful for Tink's life-changing help!"


    San Diego, CA

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